Jamalpur Palli

Handover in 2020

Beauty of Light and Shadow

Jamalpur palli offers unique and distinctive accommodation, allowing the dwellers to indulge in the sweetness of Palli with the robust city. Making light and space the key features, contemporary, decorative feel, with ceiling to floor window allowing the sunbeam to pour into the apartment, making it elevating, and overwhelming sense of space.


A - 1735 sft, B - 1677 sft, C - 1677 sft, D - 1735 sft, E - 1680 sft, F - 1680 sft | 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 3 Balconies


26.96 Katha | 60 feet front road


B1 + GF + 13 | 72 car parking


72 | 6/floor

Blend of perfection and sophistication

Community Space

Fitness Centre

Wide Open Rooftop

Wide Front Road

A treat for the eyes

Experience the serenity of nature and all the exquisite treats the urban life has to offer. Jamalpur Palli is the destination where you enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy your leisure time with an essence of unification with the community and create memories to cherish, for a lifetime.

Floor Plan

Each dwelling has been designed with utmost perfection so that you have the freedom to decorate according to your personal style.

Type A - 1735 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type A
Type B - 1677 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type B
Type C - 1677 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type C
Type D - 1735 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type D
Type E - 1680 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type E
Type F - 1680 sft
Jamalpur Palli Type F

Satarkul, United City

Building Harmony